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Golden State Warriors

Oakland Arena Seating Chart


Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena

7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA 94621(Google Maps)

Seating Capacity: 19,596

Interactive Seating Chart

Seating Chart Breakdown

Best and Worst Seats

200 Level (Highest Level)

100 Level and Floor Seats (Lowest Level)

Premium Seating/Suites

Handicap Seating

Things to keep in mind

Seating Chart Breakdown

The Golden State Warriors play at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The arena has 155 sections, and can hold up to 19,596 fans.

Seating Information:

  • Courtside seating includes Rows A1-A5.
  • VIP Sections 5, 10, 19 and 24 include Row A only.
  • VIP Sections 7-8, 13-16, and 21-22 include Row AA only.
  • There are 72 private luxury suites located on two levels of Oracle Arena

Best and Worst Seats

The following are some of the best rows for the 100s level and 200s level, divided up by section:

100s Level:

o Section 14, rows A1-A5

o Section 15, rows A1-A5

o Section 28, rows A1-A5

o Section 101, rows 1-24

o Section 114, rows 1-24

200s Level:

o Section 204, rows 1-18

o Section 205, rows 1-18

o Section 212, rows 1-16

o Section 227, rows 1-16

o Section 228, rows 1-18

The best seats in Oracle Arena are located in section 14 in row A1.

The worst seats in Oracle Arena are located in section 225 in row 16.

200 Level (Highest Level)

The 200 Level at Oracle encompasses Sections 201 to 232. In the 200 Level you have the opportunity to choose seats that are above the baseline, sideline, or corner.

100 Level and Floor Seats (Lowest Level)

The Lower Level at the Oracle Arena encompasses sections 101 to 128. At Oracle Arena there is a lot of seating available in the lower level for each Warriors home game. If you're looking for Center Club tickets sections 101-102, 113-116, and 127-128 are for you. However, as another great option you can sit behind the hoop on either baseline in Sections 107-108 and 121-122.

The Courtside Seats at Oracle Arena are located in sections 1-28. This is where you want to be sitting if you want to be on the same level as the NBA players. If sitting at center court is for you, make sure your seats are located in sections 1, 14, 15, and 28.

Premium Seating/Suites

Premium Suites

The Premier Suites are the best available for parties or hosting clients in an exclusive business setting. Each individual suite has its own private restroom, VIP parking area, and access to multiple clubs.

Grandview Suites

The Grandview Suites are the perfect place to match your upscale needs with your basketball viewing needs. The suites provide a great environment to lounge, but also offer a great view of the game. The suite can hold 50+ people and offer multiple food and beverage packages.

The Mezzanine Club

Members of this exclusive club receive tickets to all home games, along with food and access to a private club bar. The mezzanine club is exclusive and upscale, but also offers a great view of the game. Plus, all the other great extras, like theater style seating and complimentary buffets are included!

Theater Boxes

Theater Boxes at a Golden State Warriors game enhance every fan's basketball experience. Located on the south side of the Mezzanine suite level, these boxes give a great view of the court.

Handicap Seating

Warriors handicap tickets are available at Oracle Arena. The arena also features amplified public phones, specialized listening devices, and wheelchair rental.

Things to keep in mind

At Oracle Arena there are seventy-two luxury suites to have the opportunity to watch the game in absolute comfort. Oracle Arena suite ticket amenities include catering, refrigerator, wet bar, stadium seating, swivel chairs, private restrooms, and a personal suite food/drink server. The Club Seats at Oracle Arena is found on both the arena's Lower and Upper Level. Having club tickets at Oracle Arena gives you access both concourse lounges: the Smirnoff Club and the Corona Cantina Club.