Ticket Monster Announces Monster Jam Truck Show Dates in 2014!

MONSTER JAM is coming your way in 2014!

Monster Jam is the ultimate live motosport show that brings thousands to all of its events. Those interested in a Monster Jam show can find tickets at Ticket Monster year round, although there are more shows in the winter than other seasons.

In a Monster Jam show, advanced auto part monster trucks face off in competition. There are two forms of competition, including racing and freestyle. The racing competition is self explanatory, while the freestyle is a little different. In this competition, the drivers have about 2 minutes to show off skills and make their trucks do different stunts and tricks. Winners are determined by judges who base their results off a scoring system.


If you are a Monster Jam fan, then you belong to one of the best fan bases out there! Monster Truck fans attend multiple shows a year and are very dedicated. Those who attend a show are always given an opportunity to meet th

e drivers afterwards and even get some autographs. Those interested in attending a show can do some by purchasing tickets for one of the following 2014 Monster Jam dates:

Monster Jam    Chattanooga, TN    Feb 7-8, 2014
Monster Jam    Denver, CO    Feb 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Kansas City, MO    Feb 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Columbia, SC    Feb 7-8, 2014
Monster Jam    Spokane, WA    Feb 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Rosemont, IL    Feb 7-9, 2014
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour    Edmonton, AB    Feb 8-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Miami, FL    Feb 8, 2014
Monster Jam    Hartford, CT    Feb 8-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Anaheim, CA    Feb 8, 2014
Monster Jam    Albuquerque, NM    Feb 14-16, 2014
Monster Jam    East Rutherford    Feb 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Memphis, TN    Feb 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Hampton, VA    Feb 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Roanoke, VA    Feb 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Cleveland, OH    Feb 14-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Salt Lake City, UT    Feb 14-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Worcester, MA    Feb 14-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Pittsburgh, PA    Feb 14-16, 2014
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour    Winnipeg, MB    Feb 15-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Portland, OR    Feb 15-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Oklahoma City, OK    Feb 15-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Florence, SC    Feb 21-22, 2014
Monster Jam    Wheeling, WV    Feb 21-23, 2014
Monster Jam    Providence, RI    Feb 21-23, 2014
Monster Jam    Saginaw, MI    Feb 21-22, 2014
Monster Jam    Richmond, VA    Feb 21-22, 2014
Monster Jam    Oakland, CA    Feb 22, 2014
Monster Jam    Jacksonville, FL    Feb 22, 2014
Monster Jam    Arlington, TX    Feb 22, 2014
Monster Jam    Wichita Falls, TX    Feb 28-Mar 1, 2014
Monster Jam    Baltimore, MD    Feb 28-Mar 2, 2014
Monster Jam    Wilkes Barre, PA    Feb 28-Mar 2, 2014
Monster Jam    Tupelo, MS    Feb 28-Mar 1, 2014
Monster Jam    Macon, GA    Feb 28-Mar 1, 2014
Monster Jam    Lexington, KY    Mar 1-2, 2014
Monster Jam    Detroit, MI    Mar 1, 2014
Monster Jam    El Paso, TX    Mar 1-2, 2014
Monster Jam    Reno, NV    Mar 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Toledo, OH    Mar 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Pensacola, FL    Mar 7-8, 2014
Monster Jam    Biloxi, MS    Mar 7-8, 2014
Monster Jam    Tucson, AZ    Mar 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Bridgeport, CT    Mar 7-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Laredo, TX    Mar 8-9, 2014
Monster Jam    Baton Rouge, LA    Mar 8-9, 2014
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour    London, ON    Mar 8-10, 2014
Monster Jam    Syracuse, NY    Mar 8, 2014
Monster Jam    Huntsville, AL    Mar 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Fresno, CA    Mar 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Nampa, ID    Mar 14-15, 2014
Monster Jam    Lafayette, LA    Mar 14-16, 2014
Monster Jam    Grand Rapids, MI    Mar 14-16, 2014
Monster Jam World Finals XV    Las Vegas, NV    Mar 20-22, 2014
Monster Jam    Louisville, KY    Apr 4-5, 2014
Monster Jam    Naples, FL    Apr 4-6, 2014
Monster Jam    Green Bay, WI    Apr 5-6, 2014
Monster Jam    Cedar Rapids, IA    Apr 5-6, 2014
Monster Jam    Cincinnati, OH    Apr 5-6, 2014
Monster Jam    Eugene, OR    Apr 5-6, 2014
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour    Hamilton, ON    Apr 5-6, 2014
Monster Jam    Mobile, AL    Apr 11-12, 2014
Monster Jam    Lincoln, NE    Apr 11-12, 2014
Monster Jam    Raleigh, NC    Apr 11-12, 2014
Monster Jam    Ocala, FL    Apr 11-13, 2014
Monster Jam    Bismarck, ND    Apr 25-26, 2014
Monster Jam    Austin, TX    Apr 26-27, 2014
Monster Jam    Moline, IL    May 17-18, 2014
Monster Jam    Salinas, CA    May 18, 2014
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour    Halifax, NS    May 31-Jun 1, 2014
Monster Jam Path of Destruction    East Rutherford, NJ    Jun 14, 2014
Monster Jam Path of Destruction    Foxboro, MA    Jun 21, 2014
Monster Jam    Stafford Springs, CT    Jul 26-27, 2014
Monster Jam International    Sydney, Australia    Oct 18, 2014
Monster Jam    Rochester, NY    Jan 2-4, 2015
Monster Jam    Tulsa, OK    Jan 3-4, 2015
Monster Jam    Des Moines, IA    Jan 3-4, 2015
Monster Jam    North Charleston, SC    Jan 9-10, 2015
Monster Jam    Evansville, IN    Jan 10-11, 2015
Monster Jam    San Antonio, TX    Jan 10-11, 2015
Monster Jam    Atlanta, GA    Jan 10, 2015
Monster Jam    Little Rock, AR    Jan 16-17, 2015
Monster Jam    Albany, NY    Jan 16-17, 2015
Monster Jam    Milwaukee, WI    Jan 16-17, 2015
Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour    Toronto, ON    Jan 17-18, 2015
Monster Jam    Greenville, SC    Jan 23-24, 2015
Monster Jam    Indianapolis, IN    Jan 24, 2015
Monster Jam    Columbia, SC    Feb 6-7, 2015
Monster Jam    Richmond, VA    Feb 20-21, 2015
Monster Jam    Toledo, OH    Mar 6-8, 2015

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