Rams Lose Due To World Series Clash?

seahawks_49ersThe Seattle Seahawks are doing great this year, boasting a 7-1 record, first place in the NFC West and have already once beat their division rivals the San Francisco 49ers. Not every game can a team be perfect. Sometimes championship teams have to get by with ugly wins. And that is exactly what happened Monday night when they played the St. Louis Rams at Edward Jones Stadium.

There are two ways at looking at Monday night’s win for Seattle. Some may say that after that performance they are not worthy of representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, that championship teams are supposed to be concrete no matter what. While other may say no team is always perfect, and that a win is a win. Well, if you look at it the second way, then Monday night definitely propelled them further toward their goal. If you look at it as a sloppy win and they just got by, then you probably think they don’t deserve to go. Either way, the season still has many games left, so this performance may not even matter.

This game started off in a rough manner, as most of the citizens of St. Louis for focusing on another important game in town. While the Rams were hosting one of the best teams in the league, the Cardinals had a World Series game to win, and according to the half full stadium, it looks like that’s the game that most were attending to. This was the first time since 1986 that a World Series game was played at the same time in the same city as a Monday night football game. To further the credibility of this stat, only 10.9% of the St. Louis market was watching the Rams game, and there was a higher percentage of people watching the game in New Orleans than there was in St. Louis. This was a division game against the Seahawks who are number one, and a win would have been amazing for the Rams. Too bad none of their fans were watching.

Let’s hope only that many Seattle fans were watching, as this one wasn’t pretty. By the end of the first quarter, Russell Wilson was sacked seven times and the offense had gained minus 1 yard. The defense, which is normally stellar, gave up 200 yards on the ground in over 37 plays. It was only because of the defense that the Seahawks were even able to leave the stadium with a mere 14-9 win. Although the result wouldn’t prove so, the Rams should have won this game. They outgained the Seahawks by 339 yards to 135, and were inside the red zone four different times.

All in all, a win is a win, so congratulations to the Seahawks. Their record for the year improves to 7-1, as their only loss this season came to the Indianapolis Colts. The Seahawks next game will be against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which should be a for sure win, unless they bring the same game they did this past Monday night. The Buccaneers have not won a game yet this year, so chances are they aren’t going to get their first against the Seahawks. Visit http://www.Ticketmonster.com to purchase all of your NFL tickets for the rest of the 2013 season!

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