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10 Best Fan-Fueled Competitions To See During Your Lifetime

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of rooting for your team alongside thousands of other fans at a sporting event televised across the world. With careful planning and finding your tickets through sites like Ticket Monster, attending sports competitions are not just for the rich. So make sure you get to see ...Read More

Ticket Monster Announces Super Bowl XLVIII Official Events Take Place Wednesday, January 29 through Saturday, February 1

Super Bowl 2013 Highlights The week prior to the Super Bowl is one of the biggest weeks for events in all of sports. In fact, some would argue that the Super Bowl is the largest entertainment event of the year. Over 50 million people will watch on TV and several million will be in ...Read More

Ticket Monster Metlife Stadium Seating Chart and Best Seats for 2014 Super Bowl

MetLife Stadium Morph Video Before attending any sporting event most fans will take the time to look at the seating chart for the stadium in which they will be attending a game. It is important to remember that the seating chart changes based on the event. Some basketball stadiums and football stadiums ...Read More

Ticket Monster Announces The Best Seats with the Best Views at Super Bowl XLVIII

Finding the best seats with the best views is not always easy when it comes to major sporting events. There are some seats that are obstructed from the view of the entire field or court. This is especially true with Broadway musicals. Fortunately, Ticket Monster can help you find the best seats ...Read More

Ticket Monster Presents How to Get to Metlife Stadium for Super Bowl 2014 XLVIII – Directions, Parking, and Tickets

Parking and getting in and out of Metlife Stadium is no easy task. In fact, getting in and out of any NFL Stadium takes quite a bit of strategy. With Metlife Stadium hosting the 2014 Super Bowl, rest assured that traffic in and around the stadium is going to be crazy. Finding parking that ...Read More

2014 Super Bowl Ticket Prices – Face Value vs Secondary Market

The biggest television event of the year is always the NFL 2014 Super Bowl – Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos. This year, over 60 million people are expected to watch worldwide and 2014 Superbowl Tickets are on fire! While the large majority of sports fans will watch on TV there are some that will ...Read More

Super Bowl Tickets on the Rise

Are you the ultimate football fanatic? Have you always wanted to attend the most exciting sporting event in the U.S.? Now you can find the cheapest Super Bowl tickets at Ticket Monster. The 2014 Super Bowl will be played for the first time ever in the New York Metropolitan area. The game ...Read More