Can the Heat 3-peat?

With LeBron James on the team, the Miami Heat will win yet another NBA Championship, to make it a three-peat.

Betting against LeBron James would be like betting against Michael Jordan when he played. Some may not like to admit it, but LeBron is, the king. Now that is not to say it is going to be easy, because it won’t. If the Miami Heat makes it to the NBA Finals, for the fourth straight time I might add, then just like last year it will be a fight til the end.

Let’s take a look into the Heat’s biggest challenges this season:

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls: These two teams actually met last night in the first game of the season, and yes, the Heat walked away with the win. Derrick Rose is back for the first time since his ACL tear last year, and is ready to create some new disturbance in the league. If he holds up, the Bulls will be one of the Heat’s biggest challenges all season long.

Indiana Pacers: They proved last season that they can hang with anyone in the NBA and defend very well, as they took the Heat to six games in the conference semi finals and seven games in the Eastern finals. However, with small forward Danny Granger out with a calf injury and just coming back this season from a knee injury, it is unknown what this team can do. They do have some new players, so it will be fun to watch them take on the Heat.

Oklahoma City: Now let’s talk some competition. KD is essentially the second best player in the league, after the king of course. The Thunder had an early playoff exit last year, but do not plan on leaving that easily again and letting the Heat and the King continue to rule. As long as they do not rely too heavily on their elite players to score, this team will be a Western Conference contender, as well as a “beat the heat” contender.

On last night’s win:

Dwayne Wade may have some historically bad knees, and Chris Bosh may be almost 30, but that has not seemed to slow this dream team down. The Heat had a significant victory over the Bulls as they cruised to a 107-95 win. On a night when the Heat got its 2013 Championship Rings and raised its third franchise banner, LeBron scored 17 points and had 8 assists. The Heat trailed Chicago for a few minutes at the beginning of play, but that may have just been to give them a few moments of hope as they went on to outscore Chicago by 28 points in the first half. Rose had a good first game back, with 12 points in 34 minutes. The real player of Chicago was Carlos Boozer, who finished with 31 points and seven rebounds, and brought his team within 8 points in the final minutes.

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