Would Baylor Beat Ohio State Today?

Over the last few weeks there has been quite a bit of chatter about an undefeated Big 12 or one loss SEC team jumping an undefeated Ohio State in the BCS standings. Most of my readers know that I feel the B1G conference is one of the weakest conferences in college football. Every weekend my argument gets a little bit stronger. That said, Ohio State has been pummeling opponents by several touchdowns. Unfortunately, this is doing very little to impress the voters as they are not playing the most talented teams in the country. This begs the question, would BaylorSetSize500325-bbears beat Ohio State if they played today?

No One Knows About Baylor

Baylor is a team that absolutely know one knows about. Just recently, their quarterback Bryce Petty has been mentioned as a Heisman Trophy candidate. Most of this is due to the fact that the Bears are undefeated and have a chance to run the table in the Big 12. Prior to last week most did not know the name Bryce Petty. In fact, I had to Google search the name of the quarterback of Baylor.

I do not feel as if the Big 12 is as strong as in past years but it is definitely stronger than the B1G conference. If Baylor can win out there is a chance they could leapfrog Ohio State and play in the BCS National Championship game. Remember that Florida State will have to lose for this to be possible. Most experts have accepted that Alabama will have very few challenges besides the Auburn game at the end of the season. Don’t look now, but the Auburn vs Alabama rivalry game could be a matchup of top 10 teams. That is an article for another time so stay tuned to the Ticket Monster Blog.

If the undefeated teams are Alabama, Baylor and Ohio State it will be very interesting to see what happens. Even though no one knows about Baylor they are still going to have most of the computer votes because of their schedule. They still have to play Oklahoma State and Texas which will likely be games against top 25 opponents. They just throttled a top 15 Oklahoma team. Every single week the Bears are scoring over 40 points a game and it looks as if very few teams in the Big 12 have the defense to stop them.

Ohio State and Urban Meyer

There is little argument to be made that Urban Meyer is one of the best coaches in college football. In fact, I would rank him just behind Nick Saban in terms of current BCS conference coaches. That said, he is still building the Ohio State program. While there are plenty of great first string players in Columbus right now it is the depth that is an issue. I also feel as if speed could be an issue when playing teams from the SEC. The skill position players are very fast at Ohio State but the defensive lineman and linebackers are what separates great teams from championship teams.

Ohio State will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future; maybe even next year. Unfortunately for Ohio State fans this is not the best team Meyer is going to have. Ohio State fans would be smart to hope for a BCS game that is not the national championship. If they went up against Alabama or Florida State I think it would get ugly very fast. Ohio State simply does not have the depth of talent of Florida State or Alabama. That said, I do feel as if they have the depth of talent to play with Baylor.

Urban Meyer is one of the best game planners in the United States and his talent could definitely play with Baylor in a neutral location. Whether they could beat Baylor is another question. This would be a very fun game to watch as both teams like to play at a fast pace. Most diehard college football fans would predict a high scoring game simply because the offenses have been so prolific in 2013.

The Matchup

In my opinion, this game would come down to who had the ball last or who wins the turnover battle. In my younger years I used to play College Football on Playstation in Dynasty mode. I would pick a team that had no chance at being a national powerhouse. The only way I could win games was to hope the time worked out where I would be the team that received the ball last. This type of Playstation college football is happening all over the landscape of college football today. In fact, it is happening more often then not. When two great teams match up against each other it comes down to who can limit turnovers and who can get the most possessions.

If we are lucky we will get to see this game played out in a BCS game. It will be fun to watch and we will refer back to this resource to see if I was correct about the game being a shoot out. Those interested in tickets can find them at Ticket Monster. www.Ticketmonster.com is the best site on the web for college football tickets, and fans will never be charged service fees. Visit today!

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