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Many famous players in the National Football League are not recognized by their face or body, but by their hair. Yes, hair. Although the helmets in the NFL are made for protective reasons, many players take their hairstyles and creativity under the helmet very seriously. In a recent game between the Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars, there was quite a scene on the field involving a player’s hair.

On November 17th, 2013, Cardinal’s player Andre Ellington, who was the overall 187th pick in the 2013NFL Draft, had his precious dreadlocks pulled out by defensive end Jason Babin of the Jaguars. After Ellington’s run was cut short, Babin appeared from a pile of bodies on the field holding an odd looking tangle of black string.

Clutching the string and holding his fist in the air, it was then apparent that the string in his fist was actually a chuck of Ellington’s hair. Fortunately for Ellington, this acAndre+Ellington+Indianapolis+Colts+v+Arizona+YN743mMJqMglt of hair pulling did not end up being painful, as he did not realize he was missing some hair until the play was over! Hair, for those who are unaware, is actually a part of the uniform in the NFL. Therefore, Babin was not penalized for his actions. Following the play, the social media world blew up with pictures and comments about the odd hair pulling and actions that followed.

With the help of Andre Ellington, the Cardinals are currently in third place in the NFC West of the NFL standings. The NFC West is a strong division, as the Arizona Cardinals schedule has brought them to a 7-5 record on the season so far. The leaders in that division include the top ranked Seattle Seahawks, and in second the San Francisco 49ers. The Cardinals will be playing both of these two teams in the final games of the 2013 season. Tickets to these NFL games and many more can be found at

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