Alabama LSU Tickets and Other Exciting Matchups

Thursday nights Stanford vs Oregon college football game had a lot on the line. Unfortunately for Oregon, the game did not go precisely the way that they had hoped. Florida State on the other hand, who did not play Thursday night, was jumping for joy as their BCS dreams just became a reality.

This was the second year in a row that Stanford upset Oregon, while Oregon has not lost to any other team. The Ducks, who have been pounding their opponents into the ground each game, were down by 23 points going into the fourth quarter, and could not steal even a field goal off Stanford. In the end, the Stanford Cardinals had possession of the ball for 45 minutes and 30 seconds, while Oregon had only 14 minutes and 30 seconds.


Now, for Alabama and Florida State, nothing stands in their way except for themselves. Florida State’s schedule has only one potential obstacle in the way, and the same goes for the top ranked Alabama.

This weekend, Alabama will face their SEC rivals the LSU Tigers. LSU has no fear when it comes to the Tide, as they have nothing to lose. On the other hand, as Alabama may not show their fear, this number one team has absolutely everything to lose. The world of football will be riding on their shoulders Saturday night, as this game means the difference between yet another National Championship appearance. Will the Tide Roll, or will the Tigers bring to the table the biggest upset of them all?

Florida State will face ACC opponent Wake Forest this weekend. The Seminoles should destroy everyone in their path on their way to the BCS, except for one. The Seminoles will face the unranked Florida Gatorson November 30th. The usually top ranked Gators have not achieved the year they desired, but like LSU has nothing to lose in this game. They are currently 4-4 on the year, and have lost their last three games. A win over FSU would surely have them ranked again, and they would love nothing more than to shatter FSU’s BCS dreams.

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